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Recorder 6
Recorder 6.
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YES !! Recorder will run under Windows 7 and Windows 8. Watch this space re Windows 10.   

Recorder 6 provides a powerful, standards based tool for collection and collation of biological recordings. It includes data entry, reporting and distribution mapping functionality.  The NBN data model used is well documented, open and accessible. Other software may at first glance seem easier to use, but nothing has the flexibility of Recorder or is built to the same standards.  Many Local Record Centres use Recorder 6 and it will be easy to share data with them using the software.

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We are JNCC Authorised Recorder Experts and offer a full range of services for Recorder users. Including supplying the software and providing a wide variety  of supporting services. We have been supporting the package  since the launch of Recorder 2000.      

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Support and help available at evenings and weekends if this suits you.
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